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Low and calm, the voice went on within his thought, demanding an answer. “Fletcher Lynd Seagull, do you want to fly?”
“Fletcher Lynd Seagull, do you want to fly so much that you will forgive the Flock, and learn, and go back to them one day and work to help them know?”
“I do,” he said softly. “Then, Fletch,” that bright creature said to him, and the voice was very kind, “Let’s begin with Level Flight….” (from “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”).

Hoverfly Training Academy welcomes you to the world of flight… from today you will begin a journey that will lead you to achieve your future goals.

Below we inform you about the training course of the PPL program.

You will have to go through ground training, a training of piloting techniques, and having overcome all the difficulties you will feel free to immerse yourself into your dreams.... You, you will be a ...... Pilot.... 

Training course for the achievement of the pilot’s license PPL(H)


The course objective is to obtain the License EASA PPL(H) that will qualify you to exercise the duties of a Pilot in Command of helicopters used in non-commercial flights. In fact, the PPL License allows to fly also carrying passengers but exclusively for non-profit purposes.
Our PPL(H) course is carried out with the highly formative and widely used Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter and with our highly qualified instructors.
The course will be conducted at our base in Bellizzi, next to Salerno LIRI airport, and at the operating base of Templare Paestum Airfield in Capaccio (Salerno) or another base to be arranged. 


1. Minimum enrollment age for the course: 16 years old.
2. Minimum age for license attainment: 17 years old.
3. I class medical certificate (certifies psychophysical suitability for the licenses that allow the exercise of professional flying activities) or II class (certifies psychophysical suitability for the licenses that allow the exercise of non-professional flying activities). You will need to undergo a second-class or first-class medical examination as prescribed by Enac policy. 

Preliminary phase

After your request, through the website or another form of communication, the Training Academy Office, after contacting you, will transmit the contact to the Chief Instructor. The latter will invite you to our base for an introductory meeting, where structures and courses will be presented. In addition, it will be possible to take a 30-minute flight test at the cost of 250 euros plus VAT. The amount itself will be refunded following any future enrollment in the course.

Required documentation for the course enrollment
1. Copy of ID and business ID
2. Copy of any aeronautical qualifications possessed
3. If underage, written parental consent and parental ID
4. Passport photo 

Theoretical course

The theoretical course includes minimum n. 100 hours of theory divided into the following disciplines:

1. Aeronautical regulations
2. General notions about aircraft
3. Performance and planning
4. Human performance and limitations
5. Meteorology
6. Navigation
7. Operating procedures
8. Principle of flight
9. Communications

In support you will be provided with such detailed texts and materials:
Jeppesen bag
Professional kneeboard
Plotter pj-1 with goniometer
Aeronautical charts

Academic books:
L’elicottero (author: Giuseppe Spinelli)
Manuale di radiofonia (author: Piero Gigli)
Il pilota privato (author: Giancarlo Stretti)
Propulsione degli elicotteri (author: Vittorio Fiorini)
Meteorologia aeronautica (author: Giovanni Colella)

The course may be conducted in the classroom and partly also via remote training, whose modalities will be explained to you by our Training Academy Office or the instructor in charge. 

Flight Training

The minimum activity to be performed for obtaining the license is 45 hours of flight time of which 35 hours are in dual command and 10 hours as Pilot-in-charge, including at least 5 hours of VFR navigation.

It will be the responsibility of the Training Academy Office to arrange with you the day and time for the flying activity, after the office has verified the availability of the vehicle and instructor. 

Course duration

The average duration of the course varies between 8 and 12 months. Theoretical examinations must be completed within 18 months of the first convocation. Periodic verifications will be carried out in order to keep constantly monitored the progress of your training by the instructors. At the end of the theoretical course, you will be subjected by the Chief Instructor to a test with the purpose of verifying your theoretical preparation and in case filling any gaps.
If this test is passed with more than 75%, the Training Academy Office will make the examination request. 

Final exams

You must be at least seventeen years of age and you must have completed a minimum of 45 hours of flight time to take the exams, subject to a pre-examination skill test conducted by the Chief Instructor who must verify whether at 45 hours of flight time you are ready to take the practical exam.
If successful, it will be the responsibility of the Training Academy Office to arrange the paperwork for booking the exam.
If you fail, the Chief Instructor will assign you additional training hours aimed at filling any gaps you may have shown.
After passing the exam, the Operative Office will provide you with the excerpt of flights to be reported in your Personal Logbook that will be delivered to you with your flight license. It will be the responsibility of the Training Academy Office to follow up on the paperwork for the release of the flight license after passing the exams, both theoretical and practical. 


The course consists of both a theoretical and practical part of 45 hours of flight time. The total cost is € 23,000 (plus VAT if due). Any additional flight hours deemed necessary by the Chief Instructor will be charged at a cost per flight hour of €450 (plus Vat if due).
The above amount does not include the costs of booking theoretical exams, medical examination, final exam and examiner's fees. 


Hoverfly Training Academy, thanks to a partnership with BNL Group BNP Paribas, offers support for the possible request of course financing.
Information about how to apply and information notes are attached and will be provided in detail by the Training Academy Office.
The courses will start in April 2023.

The Training Academy Office is at your disposal for all clarifications and assistance at +39 0828 354155.2.  

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